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Best Gaming Monitor under 300 USD

Online Gaming a popular pastime for people of all ages, and having the right equipment makes for a better gaming experience. An important element of a gamer’s setup is the monitor, which can greatly affect the quality and fluidity of gameplay. But, not everyone can spend the money on a high-end gaming monitor. It’s time to get the cheapest and best gaming monitor under 300 USD.

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed information on what you should consider when buying a best gaming monitor under 300 USD. Following this, we will list down the top 5 best options available in the market. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, this article will help you find the right and best gaming monitor that fits your budget.

How to Choose Best Gaming Monitor under 300 USD

When it comes to buying a best gaming monitor under 300 USD, there are several key factors to consider that can greatly affect the gaming experience. Here are the top factors to consider when buying a best gaming monitor under 300 USD:

A. Refresh Rate
The refresh rate is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a best gaming monitor. It refers to the number of times per second that the screen updates the image being displayed. A higher refresh rate means a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

The minimum recommended refresh rate for gaming is 60 Hz, but many monitors in this price range offer higher refresh rates. A higher refresh rate can also mean a higher price, so finding a good balance between refresh rate and cost is key.

B. Response Time
Response time is the amount of time it takes for a pixel to change from one colour to another. A low response time is important for fast-paced games with a lot of action, as it reduces the amount of motion blur and ghosting that can occur.

A response time of 1 ms to 5 ms is ideal for most gaming purposes, but a lower response time may also come at a higher cost.

C. Screen Resolution
Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels on the screen and affects the image quality and sharpness. A higher resolution means more pixels, resulting in a sharper and more detailed image. Higher resolutions can also require more powerful hardware to run smoothly.

The most common resolutions for best gaming monitors are 1080p (1920×1080), 1440p (2560×1440) and 4K (3840×2160) monitors are available in this price range.

D. Panel Type
The panel type affects the colour accuracy, contrast ratio and viewing angles of the monitor. There are three main types of panels: TN, IPS, and VA.

  • TN panels are the most affordable, but they have limited viewing angles and colour accuracy.
  • IPS panels have better colour accuracy and viewing angles but are more expensive.
  • VA panels offer high contrast ratios but can suffer from motion blur and ghosting.
  • TN panels are ideal for gamers on a tight budget, while IPS and VA panels are better for those who prioritize image quality.

E. Size and Aspect Ratio
The size and aspect ratio of the pc monitor can greatly affect the online gaming experience. A larger screen can provide a more immersive experience, but it also requires more space. A 24-inch monitor is a good size for most gamers, larger options are also available in the market.

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the screen width to its height, with 16:9 being the most useful for gaming. However, ultrawide monitors with aspect ratios of 21:9 or even 32:9 can provide a more cinematic and immersive experience.

Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 USD

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 24 Inch Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Premium, Eye Care

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

ViewSonic XG2431 Features

Screen Size24-inch
Display Resolution1920x1080p (Full HD)
Panel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate240Hz
Response Time0.5ms (MPRT)

Detailed Information

The ViewSonic XG2431 gaming monitor is a powerhouse of a display that boasts an impressive combination of features that make it a top choice for serious gamers. Sporting a 24-inch Full HD IPS panel, this ViewSonic XG2431 monitor delivers a stunning viewing experience with its slim bezels and maximum gaming space.

One of the XG2431’s most notable features is its 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms (MPRT) response time. These features ensure an ultra-smooth gaming experience without any input lag or motion blur.

The monitor is equipped with AMD FreeSync premium technology that synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics card to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in fluid and tear-free gameplay.

The ViewSonic XG2431 also features an advanced ergonomic stand that allows for tilt, swivel, rotation, and height adjustments to ensure maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. Customizable visual modes pre-set for FPS, RTS, and MOBA games are a great touch that enhance your gaming experience by making it easier to see opponents and objects.

The ViewSonic XG2431 gaming monitor is a highly impressive display that offers an unbeatable gaming experience with its high refresh rate and quick response time. It is loaded with features that make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a best gaming monitor that can meet your gaming demands and give you a competitive edge, the XG2431 is definitely worth considering.

Acer Nitro XV272U

Acer Nitro XV272U Gaming Monitor, AMD FreeSync Premium | Agile-Splendor IPS | Overclock | 95% DCI-P3 | 1 x Display Port & 2 x HDMI 2.0

Acer Nitro XV272U

Acer Nitro XV272U Features

Screen Size27 Inches
Display Resolution2560 x 1440p
Panel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate170Hz
Response Time0.5ms (G to G)

Detailed Information

The Acer Nitro XV272U Gaming Monitor is a fantastic display that delivers the best combination of features for gamers. The Acer Nitro XV272U Monitor provides a 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440) Agile-Splendor IPS panel. This monitor provides excellent clarity, colour accuracy, and viewing angles, making it an ideal choice for gamers who demand high-quality visuals.

The Nitro XV272U boasts AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, which synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics card, ensuring fluid and tear-free gameplay. This monitor’s refresh rate can be overclocked to an impressive 170Hz when using DisplayPort, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

With a G-to-G response time of up to 0.5ms, making fast-paced games feel incredibly smooth and responsive. The VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 also offers vivid and lifelike colours that pop off the screen.

The zero-frame design is another standout feature, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience with no distracting borders or edges. The monitor’s two speakers, each with 2 watts of power, provide decent audio quality making it a great option for gaming without external speakers.

The ergonomic stand provides excellent adjustability options, including tilt, height adjustment, swivel and pivot, ensuring maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions. The monitor’s connectivity options are also impressive, with 1 x Display Port 1.2 and 2 x HDMI 2.0 ports, both of which are included in the box.

The Acer Nitro XV272U Gaming Monitor is the best choice for gamers. Its excellent colour accuracy, fast response time, and high refresh rate make it an ideal choice for fast-paced games, and its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. If you’re looking for a best gaming monitor that delivers top-notch performance, the Nitro XV272U is definitely worth considering.

AOC 24G2

AOC 24G2 Gaming IPS Monitor, FHD 1080P, Height Adjustable, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee

AOC 24G2 Monitor

AOC 24G2 Features

Screen Size24 Inch
Display Resolution1920 x 1080 Full HD
Panel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms (MPRT)

Detailed Information

This is a 24-inch monitor from the AOC Gaming G2 Series. It has a display size of 23.8 inches and uses an IPS panel, providing a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD or 1080P).

The monitor boasts a rapid 1ms response time (MPRT) and a high refresh rate of 144Hz, ensuring smooth gameplay, especially for competitive gaming. It also features AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which helps reduce screen tearing and stuttering.

The design of the monitor is frameless on three sides, offering wide viewing angles and vibrant colors due to the IPS panel. It comes with a height-adjustable stand for ergonomic positioning, as well as AOC low Blue mode and flicker-free technology to promote well-being during long gaming sessions.

In terms of warranty, the monitor is covered by a three-year warranty for zero-bright-dot issues and there’s also a three-year advance replacement warranty. Its includes a one-year coverage for accidental damage (one-time).

For connectivity- the monitor provides one DisplayPort, two HDMI 1.4 ports and one VGA input. It comes bundled with one HDMI cable and one DisplayPort cable. AOC low input lag technology ensures minimal delay between the video signals and the display.

The monitor is wall-mountable and compatible with VESA standards, allowing you to mount it on a wall if desired.


ASUS TUF VG27AQ 2K HDR Best Gaming Monitor – QHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), G-SYNC Compatible, VESA Mountable, DisplayPort, HDMI


ASUS TUF VG27AQ Features

Screen Size165Hz (Supports 144Hz)
Display Resolution2560 x 1440 Pixels
Panel TypeIPS QHD
Refresh Rate165Hz (Supports 144Hz)
Response Time1ms (MPRT)

Detailed Information

Experience an enhanced gaming journey with this exceptional gaming monitor. It features a 27-inch display that brings your games to life with its WQHD resolution of 2560×1440, ensuring sharp and detailed visuals. The IPS panel technology guarantees vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, immersing you in a captivating gaming world.

With an incredibly fast 1ms (MPRT) response time, you’ll enjoy seamless and blur-free gaming, keeping you in the moment without any distracting motion blur. The monitor’s impressive 165Hz refresh rate, which supports 144Hz, delivers a high frame rate for smooth and fluid gameplay. Thanks to its G-SYNC compatibility, screen tearing becomes a thing of the past, giving you a tear-free gaming experience that’s visually seamless.

To further enhance your gaming visuals, ASUS has introduced the revolutionary Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB Sync) Technology. By combining a rapid 1ms response time (MPRT) with Adaptive-Sync, this feature eliminates ghosting and tearing, resulting in sharp and crystal-clear gaming graphics, even during intense, fast-paced action sequences.

Not only does this monitor excel in gaming features, but it also prioritizes your comfort. ASUS Eye Care technology reduces eye fatigue during those extended gaming sessions, so you can stay focused and comfortable for longer periods. The ergonomic stand provides you with the freedom to adjust the height, tilt, swivel, and pivot angles, allowing you to find the perfect viewing position that suits your unique desk setup.

Moreover, this monitor supports HDR10 High Dynamic Range, surpassing the capabilities of ordinary monitors in terms of color and brightness levels. This means you can immerse yourself in stunning, lifelike visuals, enriched with vibrant colors and enhanced brightness, particularly when viewing HDR content.

When it comes to connectivity, this monitor offers versatility. With DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual HDMI (V2.0) ports, you can effortlessly connect multiple devices, expanding your gaming possibilities and ensuring seamless compatibility.

This gaming monitor combines impressive specifications, advanced technologies, and ergonomic design to provide you with an immersive and comfortable gaming experience. Get ready to elevate your gaming to new heights with this exceptional display.

Gigabyte G27Q Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte G27Q Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte G27Q Features

Screen Size27 Inches
Display Resolution2560 x 1440 Pixels
Panel TypeIPS Display
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Response Time1ms (MPRT)

Detailed Information

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting gaming world with the Gigabyte G27Q gaming monitor. This monitor is designed to provide you with an exceptional gaming experience. It features a 27-inch IPS display, offering a resolution of 2560×1440 for crisp and highly detailed visuals. The 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid gameplay, allowing you to dive into your favorite games with an immersive feel.

Enjoy gaming without any annoying motion blur or ghosting, thanks to the lightning-fast 1ms (MPRT) response time of this monitor. The Gigabyte G27Q also supports AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics card, resulting in tear-free and stutter-free visuals. This synchronization enhances the responsiveness and overall smoothness of your gaming experience.

Prepare to be amazed by the stunning visual quality of the Gigabyte G27Q. With Studio Grade VESA Display HDR400 certification, this monitor enhances the dynamic range of colors, delivering vibrant and lifelike visuals. It covers an impressive 92% of the DCI-P3 color gamut (120% sRGB), allowing for accurate and rich color reproduction. You’ll truly appreciate the vividness and depth of the visuals on this display.

GIGABYTE has included their Classic Tactical Features in this monitor, and one of them is OSD Sidekick. OSD Sidekick provides you with an easy-to-use on-screen display menu, allowing you to conveniently adjust and optimize your display settings. This feature enhances your gaming experience and gives you quick access to essential features, ensuring you can fine-tune the monitor to your preferences effortlessly.

Please note that the Gigabyte G27Q is designed for use in the US, where electrical outlets and voltage standards may differ from those in other countries. If you plan to use this monitor internationally, you may need an adapter or voltage converter to ensure compatibility with the local standards. We recommend checking the compatibility before making your purchase to ensure a seamless experience wherever you plan to use it.

Certainly! Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions about finding the best gaming monitor under $300

What are the best gaming monitors under $300?

Some popular best gaming monitors under $300 include models like the ViewSonic OMNI XG2431, Acer Nitro XV272U, AOC C24G2, ASUS TUF VG27AQ, and Gigabyte G27Q. These monitors offer a good balance of features and performance within the budget.

What features should I look for in a best gaming monitor under $300?

When searching for a best gaming monitor under $300, look for features such as a high refresh rate (at least 144Hz), low response time (preferably 1ms), Adaptive-Sync or FreeSync support, Full HD or QHD resolution and good color accuracy.

Are there any high refresh rate gaming monitors under $300?

Yes, there are best gaming monitors available under $300 with high refresh rates. Look for models that offer refresh rates of 144Hz or higher for smooth and fluid gameplay.

Can I get a best gaming monitor with Adaptive-Sync or FreeSync for under $300?

Yes, many gaming monitors under $300 offer Adaptive-Sync or FreeSync support. These technologies help to synchronize the monitor refresh rate with your graphics card, reducing screen tearing and providing a more seamless gaming experience.

What is the ideal screen size for a best gaming monitor under $300?

The ideal screen size for a gaming monitor under $300 depends on personal preference and desk space. Popular sizes range from 24 to 27 inches, offering a good balance between immersion and practicality.

Which brands offer reliable best gaming monitors under $300?

Brands like ASUS, Acer, ViewSonic, AOC, Gigabyte, MSI, and BenQ offer reliable best gaming monitors under $300. These brands are known for producing quality displays with gaming-focused features.

Is it possible to find a best gaming monitor with good color accuracy under $300?

Yes, it is possible to find best gaming monitors under $300 that offer good color accuracy. Look for monitors with IPS or VA panel technologies, as they tend to provide better color reproduction compared to TN panels.

What is the response time I should aim for in a best gaming monitor under $300?

Aim for a best gaming monitor with a response time of 1ms for optimal gaming performance. This ensures minimal motion blur and ghosting, resulting in a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Are there any gaming monitors with HDR support available under $300?

While it’s challenging to find best gaming monitors with top-tier HDR support under $300, there are models that offer HDR compatibility, such as HDR10. However, keep in mind that the HDR performance may vary, and it may not match the capabilities of high-end HDR monitors.

Can I find a curved best gaming monitor within the $300 budget?

Yes, it’s possible to find curved gaming monitors within the $300 budget. Look for models from brands like MSI, AOC, and Samsung, which offer curved displays in various sizes and specifications within this price range.


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